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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Day 5 - toilet out of order!

Zippy and Gatsby have decided to work together and paint on the toilet. HO HO HO who has to go? Gatsby went one step too far and used Jacks toothbrush! Naughty elf!

Naughty elves!
Gatsby used Jacks toothbrush!

Monday, December 03, 2018

Day 4 - Friends at last?

Are Zippy and Gatsby finally friends? A little bit of bonding time spent playing Monopoly and enjoying a pizza.

Bonding time
Gatsby paying up!
Zippy enjoying a slice of pizza

Day 3 - Zippy gets revenge...

Zippy the elf wasn't impressed with what Gatsby did - trying to light the string on fire?! Zippy got his own back. He sunk Gatsby into the fish tank and then watched from above!

Poor Gatsby
Elf fishing!
Zippy enjoying the view

Day 2 - Gatsby the naughty black elf joins!

Gatsby the naughty black elf joined Zippy in creating Candy Cane monkey bars. But Gatsby had other ideas, he tried to light the string on fire using matches!

Candy cane monkey bars
Naughty Gatsby playing with matches!

Day 1 - Zippy the elf comes to play!

Zippy the elf was chosen by Santa to come and stay with us on the lead up to Christmas. During his stay I'm sure he will be naughty! Follow his fun and games!

Zippy the Elf
Let the elf games begin!
Magical Elf glitter!