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Friday, February 26, 2010

Perfect day!!

Do you ever wonder what a perect day could be like?
I do too.
Sometimes I can just picture my perfect day!
Relaxing on a beach with the sun beating down on my milk bottle legs and a lush cocktail in my hand...............
White sand and aqua blue sea!!
*Lands down to earth with a bang*
Ok, so I don't think I will ever have this perfect day, but today felt like a perfect day.
I had a lovely layin until 10am; thanks to my little boy Jack! I couldn't beleive it! He had his bottle at 8am and must have feel back asleep.
I then went into town and had luch with my Nan. Jack was so well behaved, chatting to all the other babies and smiling to all the other ladies! Such a charmer!!
My nan then spoiled both of us; which was really nice.
Had a super scrummy dinner cooked for me & Jack ate all of his dinner (which isn't no big suprise!!)
After a super long day he had a bath and fell straight asleep before 8pm!
RESULT!! I have an evening to myself.
I hope tomorrow is just as fun!!

How was everyone else's day?!

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