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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Free pumpkin stencils!

As I have been totally unprepared for Halloween this year; I have not had time to create pumpkin stencils for you all to enjoy. Computer failure was a main part!!
Don't forget you can email me any request's for stencils ready for Halloween 2013!

I've looked online and found a fabulous site which offers stencils for free, you can download the PDF files from the website and print them.

Here are just a few of my favourite; Arthur, Teenage Ninja Turtle, Tinker-bell and Winnie The Pooh!

Arther Pumpkin Stencil

Teenage Ninja Turtle Pumpkin Stencil

Tinker-bell Pumpkin Stencil

Winnie The Pooh Pumpkin Stencil

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween 2012


I know my poor little blog has been neglected as I am currently studying with the Open University to finish my degree off.
I will be posting some new pumpkin stencils, ideas and templates for you to all enjoy for 2012.
While your waiting; why not take a look at my Peppa Pig, Waybuloo & In The Night Garden pumpkin stencils. I also have some tips on how to carve a pumpkin.
Having a Halloween party? You could make your own party decorations with your children. Looking for party games; have a look at my list of fantastic games! Also, have a look at my super yummy party treats.
Are there any children pumpkin templates you would love me to make? Please comment below with any suggestions and I will try my hardest *smile*
I will also post some fantastic inexpensive costume ideas for children and adults.
Please stick around as Halloween 2012 will kick off on Single Mummy; One In A Million very shortly!

Thanks everyone xx

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Jack supports Team GB in the Olympics!

CubbyKit Mushy Martians - FAIL!

Today me and Jack decided to make Mushy Martians which came in our CubbyKit.
I think Jack was more excited than I was - we have never made play dough before.

All the ingredients we used were supplied in the CubbyKit, along with instructions.
2 pots of flour
1 pot of cream of tartar and salt mix
oil and food colouring mix

We added the cream of tartar and salt mix and added the 1 cup of water along with the food colouring mix and warmed on the cooker.

Once the liquid had warmed we removed from the cooker and proceeded to add the 2 pots of flour. It became just a pan full of flour gloop!

Either the amount of water stated was wrong or there wasn't enough flour. What a shame as Jack was looking forward to creating a martian.

I have found a play dough recipe online which we will be making and hopefully this time it works.

Play Dough Recipe (involving cooking)

Basic ingredient ratios:2 cups flour2 cups warm water1 cup salt2 Tablespoons vegetable oil1 Tablespoon cream of tartar (optional for improved elasticity)food colouring (liquid, powder, or unsweetened drink mix)

Mix all of the ingredients together, and stir over low heat. The dough will begin to thicken until it resembles mashed potatoes. 

When the dough pulls away from the sides and clumps in the centre, remove the pan from heat and allow the dough to cool enough to handle.
Keep stirring and cooking until the dough is dry and feels like play dough.
IMPORTANT NOTE: if your playdough is still sticky, you simply need to cook it longer! 

Turn the dough out onto a clean counter or silicone mat, and knead vigorously until it becomes silky-smooth. Divide the dough into balls for colouring.

Make a divot in the center of the ball, and drop some food coloring1 in. Fold the dough over, working the food color through the body of the playdough, trying to keep the raw dye away from your hands and the counter. You could use gloves or plastic wrap at this stage to keep your hands clean- only the concentrated dye will color your skin, so as soon as it's worked in bare hands are fine.
Work the dye through, adding more as necessary to achieve your chosen color.
1 If you use unsweetened drink mix for color, test on a small ball first- it won't go as far as the "real" food colouring.

Play with your play dough- I really don't need to help you there. It's entirely edible, if a bit salty, so it's kid-safe.
When you're done, store your playdough in an air-tight container.- If it begins to dry out, you can knead a bit of water in again to soften the dough back to useability. Once it's dried past a certain point, however, you'll just have to start over; thankfully it's not terribly difficult.- If it gets soggy, you can re-heat it to drive off the extra water the dough absorbed overnight.  This is usually the result of high humidity, but is fixable!You can also bake it in the oven to make hard dough figures and ornaments, then paint or otherwise decorate the surface.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Made With A Stitch

Please click the banner above to check out my new business venture.
There is a discount code for all blog followers this is singlemummy10. I hope you work out how to see it! Thank you for taking the time to have a look, follow on Twitter and Like on Facebook!

A few of the products I am making and selling.
Petersham pleat flower
Tie coin purse

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Getting Through the Dark Days for Lily

Today I have a guest post from Heather who is also a blogger. You can visit her blog by clicking here.

On August 4th, 2005, my beautiful daughter Lily was born, and things could not have been better. My pregnancy was relatively uneventful, and then all our friends and family surrounded us. With my husband by my side, I greeted the members of our “village,” and I had no idea what was to come.

I went back to work soon after Lily was born, but something didn’t feel quite right. I was breathless, and on top of that, I was tired all the time. I am an energetic person, and suddenly, I had no energy. It could have been the stress of having a newborn around, but I knew it was something else. I consulted a doctor, and then we were shocked with the results.

I will always remember November 21, 2005 as the day that I was diagnosed with malignant pleural mesothelioma. This malignant cancer was caused by childhood exposure to asbestos, and all of my symptoms lined up with the symptoms of mesothelioma. This cancer attacks the lungs, which accounted for my breathlessness.

When I got the diagnosis, I was shocked, but then when I looked into the faces of my husband and my new daughter, my course was clear. Without treatment, I only had 15 months to live. Because mesothelioma is so aggressive, we opted for the most drastic measures possible. Leaving Lily with my parents, my husband and I flew to Boston. On February 2nd of the following year, I had a procedure known as a extrapleural pneumenectomy. My lung was removed and after 18 days in the hospital and 2 months of recovery, I started chemotherapy and radiation.

This would not have been possible at all if my parents hadn’t stepped in. They were with us in spirit, and they took Lily and began to raise her in our place. Because they worked full time, their church group ended up taking over some of Lily’s care, and even where they weren’t taking of Lily, this vibrant community continued to chip in, helping my parents with chores, food and support. This outpouring of love surprised and humbled me. While some people I thought I could rely on were nowhere to be found, other people I never would have expected to help showed up and asked to be useful!

I won’t say that there were never dark days. I was missing out on a part of my daughter’s life that I would never get back, and though my parents sent emailed pictures and the nurses adored seeing my new baby, some days I just had to hold back torrents of tears. I was fighting for my life and those pictures told me that I was right to do it!

Life isn’t easy, but it is so rich. I have embraced my life, and though my cancer experience was one of the darkest times in my life, I learned so much. I learned about myself and about the community that surrounded me, always willing to come through with love and support. 

Heather and her family

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sudocrem - Bruce on Tour Competition

WIN a family trip to Centre Parcs up to the value of £1,000
With NEW Sudocrem Mousse
Sudocrem Mousse is asking you to take their Mascot, Bruce the Moose, on the tour of his life this summer, capture a moment on camera and share your funny or original picture with the community! Only 100 lucky applicants will receive a toy and make it to stage 2, then have the chance to WIN the grand prize of a trip to Centre Parks up to the value of £1,000.

Stage 1 entry - For all entrants wanting to apply for their Bruce The Moose
To be in with a chance of receiving your Bruce The Moose toy 
  • Step 1 – Go to and ‘Like’ the page
  • Step 2 – Click on the Bruce on Tour application, register your details and complete the sentence I am going to take Bruce The Sudocrem Moose to.....”.  Make it fun, make it original, and you could be one of the lucky 100.
  • Step 3 – We will select the best 100 applications for a Bruce toy and send him to you to take on your travels over the summer.
Stage 2 entry - For the 100 successful applicants
  • Take a photo of Bruce  and upload it to (remember to make it entertaining, inspiring and original)
  • Sudocrem will select the 5 finalists and shortly afterwards announce their winner.
If you are the lucky winner, you will WIN a stay at one of the UK’s leading holiday parks, CentreParcs up to the value of £1,000. Four runners up will win a family day pass to Chessington World of Adventures.
Key Dates
Part 1 launch date (application for a Bruce) Tuesday 10th July 2012
Part 1 closing date Monday 13th August 2012 
Bruce sent out to successful applicants Thursday 16th August 2012
Part 2 launch date (upload pictures opens) Monday 20th August 2012
Part 2 closing date (upload pictures closes) Wednesday 19th September 2012
Finalist selected and winner announced Monday 24th September 2012
The Prizes:
  1. 1st Prize: Long weekend trip for a family of 4 to Centre Parcs up to the value of £1,000
  2. Runners up: 4 x Chessington World of Adventure Family Day Passes
Good luck!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Original Pillow Pet now has a website in the UK!

The lovely people at Mookie toys sent Jack a Pillow Pet for his expert opinion. He instantly jumped up and down when it arrived and asked if he could take him to bed that night! We were sent a cuddly penguin. The Pillow Pet is easy to wash, a quick cool wash in a white pillow case, left to air dry and they are good to go again. 

Pillow Pets are the new premium quality plush toy made of ultra-soft and cuddly chenille but with a clever twist. When the hidden strap is released underneath, the cuddly creature transforms from a toy into a soft pillow, making the Pillow Pet a perfect travelling pal, naptime buddy and all round snuggly friend.

There are eight super-cute Pillow Pets available exclusively from Mookie Toys.  The range includes Silly Monkey, Playful Penguin, Comfy Panda, Snuggly Puppy, Magical Unicorn and Wiggly Pig, not forgetting Ms Ladybug and Bumbly Bee!  And especially for Easter, Cuddly Bunny, Thumpy Bunny, Puffy Duck and Fluffy Bunny.

Pillow Pets will become a must-have for all ages; from toddlers to teens and expectant mothers to grandmothers.  Snuggle up with your very own Pillow Pet, catching forty winks has never been more fun! 

Beware as there are a number of companies out there selling counterfeit pillow pets.
How to know if you have an Original Pillow Pet?
  • Facial disfiguration – The original Pillow Pets have extra cute little faces, don’t settle for anything less!
  • Tags – Our Pillow Pets should have the Pillow Pets™ tag attached to them.
  • Stuffing – Our Original Pillow Pets should be stuffed to the brim, making them extra snuggly for tired heads!
  • Distributors – On the label, Our Pillow Pets should have the official UK distributer Mookie Toys.
  • Label – This should show details of the correct fire testing regulations.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A £10 off voucher with Brantano - hand in your old shoes and help save tiny lives!


Celebrity mum Nancy Sorrell launches 2012 ‘New for Old’ campaign with baby charity Tommy’s and Brantano Footwear

Anyone looking for a good excuse to revamp their shoe collection after the winter months can get a helping hand from Brantano – and in turn give baby charity Tommy’s a helping hand to save tiny lives.

On Monday 27th February 2012 the ‘New for Old’ campaign with Tommy’s & Brantano Footwear launches: the campaign asks people to give shoes they no longer want to their nearest Brantano store nationwide from Monday 27th February to Sunday 25th March Brantano will donate 20p to Tommy’s for every pair of shoes handed in, to help fund the charity’s research into pregnancy complications such as miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth.

Model, TV presenter and mum, Nancy Sorrell, is backing the campaign and asking everyone to follow in her own – very colourful – footsteps.  She says: "I’m sure we’re all guilty of hoarding lots of shoes we never wear – I know I am! But anyone that’s had a complication in pregnancy will know how valuable Tommy’s is, and the work they do in helping more people to have healthy babies is so important. By handing over your shoes to Brantano stores you can help the charity’s research into pregnancy complications, and help other mums to become mums.”

Furthermore, customers who bring in their old shoes will also receive a £10 off voucher to redeem against any purchases of £40 or more at Brantano Footwear – giving you further help when it comes to kick-starting your spring wardrobe.

Tommy's funds vital research into pregnancy complications, in the hope that fewer families in the UK suffer the trauma of losing a baby at pregnancy or birth.

Unfortunately pregnancy complications - such as premature birth, miscarriage and stillbirth - are more common than people think:
  • 1 in 4 UK women lose a baby at pregnancy or birth
  • Every day in England and Wales alone, around 290 women experience a miscarriage, approximately 149 babies are born prematurely and 10 babies are stillborn.
  • In Scotland, about 25 women experience a miscarriage and 2 babies are born preterm every day, and one baby is stillborn every second day.

This is why Tommy’s funds internationally-renowned research into pregnancy problems.  The charity also provides a free information service to educate all parents-to-be about health in pregnancy, and offers bereavement counselling support for anyone that has lost a baby during pregnancy or birth.

‘New for Old’ will be running from Monday 27th February to Sunday 25th March 2012 in all Brantano stores nationwide. For more information visit and for your nearest store go to

Saturday, March 03, 2012

A quick peek inside a CubbyKit!

How cute! A massive craft kit with 3 fun activities; included is all you need! No need to buy anything else.

This months theme is Outer Space! Sounds fun!!

3 individual brown packets which include everything you need for each craft!

Mush Martians - sounds fun!!

Constellations Wall Chart - interesting!

3D Rocket Picture - I think this will be Jack's favourite!

A full review on each activity will follow; I was so excited to show you just how fantastic this craft kit is!

Monday, February 20, 2012


“What a brilliant idea!”
If either a lack of inspiration or a lack of pva paint, glue and glitter prevent you from doing arts and crafts with your little ones, CubbyKit is here for you.  All boxed up and with free delivery, the hard work has been done for you, so that you can get straight on with the business of creating fun projects with your child.  CubbyKit themes have been carefully selected and our activities are tried and tested. 
So how does CubbyKit work?
Join up at by selecting which age range you’d like.  CubbyKits come in two age groups: 3-4 years and 5-6 years.  Every month your CubbyKit arrives at your house addressed to your child and contains 3 separate activities with all the materials you need.  Everything is measured especially for your kit, saving you time and reducing waste.  Our themed picture guides enable you to produce creations you and your child will feel proud of and play with for hours.  We include extra crafts bits and bobs and plenty of ideas.
Drawing on memories of fun from their own childhoods the creators of CubbyKit have designed Kits with a different theme every month: it might be Outer Space, the Olympics, Kings and Queens or the Great Outdoors. All ideas are inspired by projects children will revisit when they start school.  So you’ll be giving them an introduction to those ideas whilst enjoying easy, hands-on fun together.  You can be assured that before CubbyKits are sent out, they have been reviewed by advisors and tested by children themselves.
Lisa, mum of two and CubbyKit creator says she believes that the educational aspect of CubbyKit is what makes it so exciting.  “Each CubbyKit encourages children to immerse themselves in something new which will complement what they learn in school.  Whether they are exploring the wonders of Outer Space or playing traditional (but home made) instruments from around the world, they’re using their own imaginations to get there”.
At £19.99 a month or £199 for 12 months (a saving of £39.89 or 2 months free), CubbyKit is great value.
To meet the creators of CubbyKit, see inside a sample Kit and to subscribe today, visit or email for more information.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Face of the day!

On my face:
Clinique anti-blemish solutions liquid makeup - 01 fresh alabaster
Natural collection pressed powder - neutral (reduces shine to give a matter finish to skin)
Sleek Makeup blush - Pomegranate

On my eyes:
MUA eye shadow Shade 24 - Pearl (all over lid)
MUA eye shadow Shade 30 - Pearl (outer corner and crease)
MUA eye shadow shade 16 - Matt (brow bone and to blend from crease)
Bourjois Maxi Frange Waterproof mascara - 51 Black
Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl - Black

On my lips:
Lush bubblegum lip scrub (rub a little into your lips to scrub them smooth and soft)
Rimmel London lipstick 058 drop of sherry
Barry M limited Edition Lip gloss

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Could you be my Valentine?

I made this online application form for a bit of fun. I don't expect anything to come of it; just thought it would a laugh!

Please don't take this to seriously.

I will post my favourite response's after Valentines day.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jacks top 5 Apps for his iPod Touch!

For Christmas I gave in and brought Jack his own iPod touch. He loves it! At 3 he knows how to turn it on, play games and listen to music! He knows how to turn the volume up himself and also how to lock it when he has finished! He knows more than I do!!

Here are his top 5 applications (which I installed on his iPod for him!)

1. At number one; there is no surprise but it' Thomas The Tank Engine. This app allows him to complete puzzles, control a train around a track and also matching. He loves doing the puzzles and guessing what engine it will be!

Thomas The Tank Engine app for the iPod Touch
Images taken by myself from apps

2. At number two; is Toca Doctor. He loves his game! It's aimed at children between 2 and 4 years. There are a number of fun mini games which all involve different parts of the body. He loves mending the bones in the leg and also catching all the bugs from the hair!

Toca Doctor app for the iPod Touch
Images taken by myself from apps

3. Coming in at number 3; is Talking Larry! This little white bird copies everything which Jack says in a high speed and high pitched voice! There are also 3 different buttons you can press. One to feed him, one to make him bow and the other is to fire him (as Jack calls it) He finds it so funny and loves talking to him. I sometimes hear him having a full conversation with it!

Talking Larry app for iPod Touch
Images taken by myself from apps

4. At number 4 is Humf! Jack loves singing and dancing to the theme tune which is played at the start of this app. His favourite game is where Humf and Loon are blowing up balloons. He loves to blow them up and let them go laughing at the noise! There are 9 games on this app which is good value for money.

Humf app for iPod Touch
Images taken by myself from apps

5. And at number 5 is a hair dresser game called Toca Hair Salon; or the 'hair one' in Jack's words! At first Jack didn't like this game, he said it was to loud (I think he meant the start up credits!) I often find him turning the volume up really loud and running away from it! He loves playing with different characters doing their hair using the scissors, shaver, hair dryer and even the coloured spray cans to change the hair colour.

Toca Hair Salon app for iPod Touch
Images taken by myself from apps

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A quick and healthy dinner idea using Jus Roll pastry.

I thought I would share with you something which is rather yummy! I like to include lots of vegetables!
You can easily change the toppings you use on this. It's like a pizza but a lot yummier! You could serve with a nice salad, jacket potatoes or even home made chips!

You will need:
  • Jus Roll puff pastry
  • Baking sheet
  • Small amount of oil
  • Herbs
  • Tomato puree
  • A choice of toppings (sweetcorn, ham, peppers, tomatoes, chorizo, mushrooms)
  • Cheese
  • A little milk and a pastry brush
First I un-roll the pastry and lay it on a greased baking sheet and spread a think layer of tomato puree onto leaving about 2 cm gap around the edge. This will create a lovely crispy edge. 

I then chop up all the toppings. I have found it's best to cook the sweetcorn before using it as it lets out a lot of water and this makes the base soggy. Then, I start to layer the toppings onto the base. Once all the toppings are on the base, I then sprinkle a little cheese over the top.

Chorizo, sweetcorn, green pepper and plum tomato

Ham, green pepper, sweetcorn and plum tomato
I use a little milk on a pastry brush and start to brush it around the edge of the pastry, this will give it a nice golden colour.

Then I put it into the oven on gas mark 7 for about 18 - 20 minutes or until the pastry edges have turned golden.

Once it's cooked I like to sprinkle it with some ripped basil and serve it warm. This can also be enjoyed cold.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Night time training

Tonight I decided Jack was ready to go through the night without any nappy or pull up on.
He has gone to bed in a pair of pants and his pyjamas.

I did put a water-proof bed sheet on (just incase) and spoke very calmly to Jack before he went to sleep. I encouraged Jack to go for a wee before he went to bed. I then explained if he needed a wee in the night to get up and go to the toilet and if he was to have an accident then to come in and wake me up. *Fingers crossed* it's as easy as the daytime training was.

I'll keep you updated!
If you have any tips or advice I would love to hear them. Please post them in a comment below!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Child Support Agency (CSA)

I would like to share with you my ongoing battle with the CSA. I have been battling, trying to get a payment from Jack's dad for nearly 3 years; no joy. I still don't have a regular payment and don't believe I ever will.

First he is employed, assessment is made and a deduction of earning order is set and a few monthly payments are received. He then goes on to leave that employer and finds new employment. I then have to wait another 6 months for wage details to be sent in, during this period he leaves employment. And so on and so on. During this time I was asked if I had any contact with him and if I knew anything about his situation, address and contact number. Why should I start doing their job and have contact with a man I don't want in my life? I felt as if they were forcing me to have contact with him. This whole employed then not employed has gone on for about 2 years. They told me they can't force him to stay in a job (but in some degrees they can) They say they can take driving licences off them and set up court hearings - never once has any of this enforcement action been taken.

How long does someone have to wait before some action is taken against a non paying parent?

About 6 months ago he denied Jack was his child and the CSA contacted me. They said they couldn't do a free DNA as he had made a few payments in the past; which in their eyes; they see he has accepted he is the father. He is on the birth certificate, if he had any doubt then he should have asked for one when Jack was born! I told them I had nothing to hide and if he wanted a DNA test then he could go right ahead! They informed me if he did want one it would have to be funded out of his own pocket - funnily enough; that was the last I heard on that matter!

Currently he has told them he is self employed but has failed to send in his company books and other relevant documentation. I am sat wondering how long he can drag it out this time? Surely they can trace him through his company name and tax code? I know and understand it is harder to trace someone who is self employed and the information they produce may not be true as they dot declare everything and this will affect the amount paid to me. Surely there is something they can use to trace his income?

I can't understand how and why he has been allowed to get away with not paying it. Every time I call up (which is almost every other week) and ask whats going on in the case they tell me they are in contact with him and waiting to get more details about his situation. Why not just demand a payment from him! I can't say I am really bothered by the amount; I just want him to pay for his child!

I did contact my local MP but because I didn't have a "high" amount of arrears and the parent was in contact with the CSA and being compliant they couldn't help me move my case along.

It's almost like they don't want the parent with care to get ANY financial support for the child. I didn't ask to be a single parent but they are penalising you because they are the only company out there which can get maintenance as the courts no longer take cases on.

If I stopped doing everything for Jack like feeding him, clothing him and looking after him I am almost sure I would be looking at a case of child neglect? Isn't he neglecting his child by not paying for things the child needs?

I personally feel that any non resident parent who ISN'T paying for their child should have all reproductive organs removed! That way they would stop leaving a trail of children they don't pay for.
Parent's with care are then left suffering as they are relying on the state to help them raise the child.

I would like to hear any other views on this matter. These are just my thoughts and what has happened to me. I am not in anyway saying this is how other cases are treated or handled.