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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Becoming an Eco Mummy!

I have decided to ditch disposable nappies and start using resuable nappies and wipes! After reading an article from the Telegraph; I couldn't belive it. After sitting down and working out; on average a parent spends close to £800 in the first two years on nappies; using close to 6000 nappies in the first two years!
I am so excited about becoming an eco friendly mummy!

I have ordered my nappies & wipes; I just can't wait for them to arrived!I have chosen to use Lollipop Pop'n'Gro as it is an easy nappy to use and it will adjust as Jack grows. I just wish I started using them sooner. They are going to save me loads of money!!

The pop'n'gro is made with highly absorbent microfibe which is covered in supersoft fleece lining which means Jack will always be dry and comfortable. Each nappy comes with 2 booster; but can be used unboosted too.

I think I have found a super deal too. I have ordered a night and day pack which includes:
  • 10 pop'n'gro nappies
  • 5 bamboo nappies
  • 2 covers
  • 200 liners
All this for just £175!! (Which works out to be roughly £11.66 per nappy!)

When they arrive I will post my thoughts and write a review. They are one of the cheapest reusable nappies on the market. I hope they work on Jacks bum!!

Sock Ons Review

"Sock Ons are clever little things that keep those socks on. The garment is worn over the sock and 'locks' it into place."

My little boy Jack always pulled his socks off; when walking around shops I would always notice one sock had been lost! What a nightmare!
I wanted to find a product which would help keep his socks on. I came across a product called Sock Ons. I thought to myself that there was no chance that the product could work! I ordered Jack one pair to see if they would work.

Once I had ordered them; I couldn't wait for them to arrive. I wanted to see if they would work. When the postman delivered my package I couldn't beleive how small and cute they looked! Within minutes Jack had them on his feet!
Perfect! He was pullin at his socks but they were not coming off. I had to rub my eyes to beleive it! Something so small helped my little monster keep his socks on! Spending £3.49 would save me so much money; I wouldn't have to keep buying new socks!
I even use them over the feet of his long sleepsuits in the mornings; they help to keep the long legs away from the floor so that he can walk without getting all tangled up in the feet!
This is a product I will be sharing with all my mummy friends!

My overall rating of Sock Ons is

Dribble Ons Review

After suffering with wet clothes from my dribbling toddler; I wanted to find something which would keep his clothes dry durring his dribbling time.
I came across Dribble Ons bandana dribble bibs which are from the makers of Sock Ons.
I was a little unsure if this would work. I brought 2 to test them out at £4.95 each I thought what a bargin; compared to some similar products out there.

I was so excited when they arrived I put one straight onto Jack. The product is lightweight and very stylish. The plan colours go with any outfit and it didn't bother Jack to have the bandana around his neck all day.
When bathtime came I could see that the Dribble On had worked! His top was completly dry and the Dribble On was wet! I couldn't beleive it! This simple combination of stretch cotton and terry toweling had absorbed his dribble keeping it away from his neck and chest.
When washing the product I thought it may become misshapen and would shrink; but when I washed it on a normal 60 degree wash and tumble dryed the product it came out looking perfect!
I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has a dribbling teething baby.

My overall rating of Dribble Ons is

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sticky fingers!

Sticky fingers!

Sticky fingers,
Across the fridge,
In the cupboards,
down the door,
Up the railing,
And on the walls.
Follow the trail
and you will find
my little boy
in his room
enjoying a dummy!

Sticky fingers,
Across my face,
In my hair,
Down my arm,
Up my pants
And on my lips.
Follow the mess
and you will find
my little boy
in my arms
enjoying love from me!

My baby boy and me

A poem which brings back memorys from when my little boy was a baby. Time does fly when your having fun!

My baby boy and me

It's three am, they're all asleep, and no one is here to see.
As we rock slowly back and forth, my baby boy and me.
His little hand is feather light tucked up against my chin.
I hold his tiny hand in mine, and stroke his baby skin.
The house about us creaks and groans, the clock hands creep around.
He snuggles closer to me still, and makes his baby sounds.
I love these quiet hours so much, and cherish every one.
Store memories up inside my heart for lonely nights to come.
All too soon he'll be grown up, his need for Mama gone.
But until then I still have time for kisses and for song.
Time for quiet hours like this with him cuddled in my arms.
Where I wish he'd always stay protected, safe and warm.
And yet I know the day will come when his tiny little hand,
will be bigger than my own. He'll grow to be a man.
But until then he's mine to love with no one here to see.
As we rock slowly back and forth, my baby boy and me.

I love you

I love you I loved you from the very start, You stole my breath, embraced my heart. Our life together has just begun, You're part of me my little one. As mother with child, each day I grew, My mind was filled with thoughts of you. I'd daydream of the things we'd share, Like late-night bottles and teddy bears. Like first steps and skinned knees, Like bedtime stories and ABC's. I thought of things you'd want to know, Like how birds fly and flowers grow. I thought of lessons I'd need to share, Like standing tall and playing fair. When I first saw your precious face, I prayed your life be touched with grace. I thanked the angels from above, And promised you unending love. Each night I lay you down to sleep, I gently kiss your head and cheek. I count your little fingers and toes, I memorize you eyes and nose. I linger at your nursery door, Awed each day I love you more. Through misty eyes, I dim the light, I whisper "I Love You" every night. I loved you from the very start, You stole my breath, embraced my heart. As mother and child our journey's begun, My heart's yours forever little one.

Perfect day!!

Do you ever wonder what a perect day could be like?
I do too.
Sometimes I can just picture my perfect day!
Relaxing on a beach with the sun beating down on my milk bottle legs and a lush cocktail in my hand...............
White sand and aqua blue sea!!
*Lands down to earth with a bang*
Ok, so I don't think I will ever have this perfect day, but today felt like a perfect day.
I had a lovely layin until 10am; thanks to my little boy Jack! I couldn't beleive it! He had his bottle at 8am and must have feel back asleep.
I then went into town and had luch with my Nan. Jack was so well behaved, chatting to all the other babies and smiling to all the other ladies! Such a charmer!!
My nan then spoiled both of us; which was really nice.
Had a super scrummy dinner cooked for me & Jack ate all of his dinner (which isn't no big suprise!!)
After a super long day he had a bath and fell straight asleep before 8pm!
RESULT!! I have an evening to myself.
I hope tomorrow is just as fun!!

How was everyone else's day?!