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Friday, August 27, 2010

The view from my sofa!!

A strange title for a post; but I thought I would share the "damage" my little one did within the space of hour!! I went to get dinner ready and left Jack playing in the living room. It was in a pretty tidy state when I left. (see image below!)

A relatively tidy living room
After checking on Jack a few times everything was fine. I heard the "deadly silence" which every parent knows leads to some sort of mischief. My instincts weren't wrong; Jack had turned my whole living room upside down! (see image below!)

An hour later!
I couldn't believe the mess I saw before my very eyes!! The shear amount of toys and books were scattered all over the floor! A mass clean up was defiantly in order once Jack had gone to bed. I would love to see the mess and mischief your little ones have caused once you had left the room.

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