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Friday, August 20, 2010


I have been hearing a lot about weight over the past few weeks. After having Jack I know I put nearly 4 stone on and  I became very self conscious of my appearance and body. I knew of a way out and that was to diet. I have a very close relationship with food and having to cut back seemed like a living nightmare! I tried it for a few weeks; trying to cut out all the best bits and started to eat healthily. But it didn't last and it wasn't giving me the weight loss I wanted.
In my mind I wanted a fast, quick and effective weight loss programme. I remembered how hard it was when I did the Cambridge Diet nearly 4 years ago; but it worked. I remember loosing 3 stone and feeling like a new person.

I plucked up the courage to ring a local councillor who was really welcoming and friendly. After starting the diet nearly 6 weeks ago I am proud to say I have lost 19lbs and kept it off. I am still on the diet and having just 3 packs a day which is only 415 calories and I must admit it is hard fighting the temptation with food but I am getting there they way I wanted.
I will keep you updated weekly on my progress and I would love to hear of ways you battled with your baby bulge.

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