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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My time as a SAHM is drawing to an end!

Hi everyone!
Today I got the call I had been waiting for! A few weeks back I applied to become an assistant manager at The British Heart Foundation. I went for a 'work trial' and really enjoyed myself. The manager was really friendly and the work place had such a relaxed atmosphere. I know it's not going to always be calm and relaxed but I am ready for the challenge. Just think of all the bargains I can get my hands on!!
I decided to apply to work  for The British Heart Foundation as about 6 months ago, my granddad was told he had to have a quadruple heart bypass. He was assigned a British Heart Foundation nurse for when he was discharged. She was amazing, she allowed him to recover in the comfort of his own home. She helped him keep the house tidy, cooked and also changed the dressings.
I wanted to give back something to the charity and I feel working for them I will have more of an insight to what the British Heart Foundation does and how it helps people.
I am excited to be starting a job, but I know it's going to be tough. Jack doesn't like going to nursery for one morning a week but I am sure if he goes regularly (3 days) he will start to enjoy it!