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Monday, December 06, 2010

Open Planet Ideas

Challenge Brief

Share your imagination. Sony and WWF want to hear your smart ideas about using technology to make the most of our planet's resources. And to get you started, we’ve pulled together a showcase of technologies that are ripe for re-purposing. Now it’s up to you to put them together in radical new ways… and shape a cleaner, more sustainable future for our planet.

How can we make better use of our scarce natural resources? How can we actively change people’s behaviour and encourage more sustainable lifestyles?

These are the environmental challenges that clearly matter most to you.

Our panel of experts from WWF and Sony has already sifted through an incredible 335 of your inspiring ideas. And we’ve pulled them together into six themes to form our challenge.

So now it’s back over to you. Take a look at our technology showcase and start thinking about how you could re-use, combine or mash-up these and any other technologies - to address the challenge. Everyone in our community’s invited to get involved. You can applaud other people’s concepts or refine them further: best of all, why not contribute a concept of your own?

Our expert panel will select, along with the community, the concepts that most excite them. Once the winning concept is chosen, its contributors will work together with these experts to make the final concept real.

Have a look at the video explaining the Open Planet idea challenge! Also, Join the challenge!!

After looking on the concepts section of the web-site I saw one which I have often thought about; A single bottle design which was submitted by Robert-John Evans. You can read my added concept here. The concept is designing and coming up with a universal bottle which can be refilled in shops and supermarkets; which would save money on the price of the product and the manufacturing, not to mention cutting the waste of plastic and glass. If a single bottle was designed the refilling would be far easier. If the design was made nationwide or even on a global scale then the bottles could come in a variety of sizes which would make the easy to refill from specially designed machines in shops.

I added my comment "I really like this idea. I think it would solve disposal issues and also allow people to re-use a bottle in an effective way. I think if there was an incentive for people to do this then I think it could happen. I agree with part of Arjan Tupan's comment; by charging someone a small amount for a re-usable bottle and once they re-use it they get points towards rewards; a bit like some superstores re-usable bags."

Open Planet Ideas

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