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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Giant Jenga Game

Garden Games asked if me and Jack would be interested in reviewing a Giant Jenga Game they had. Of course we said yes! I love Jenga and couldn't wait to see how much bigger this would be to the standard one you can buy in the shops. Once the order had been placed I was kept informed as to when the item had been picked and dispatched. I would highly recommend ordering from Garden Games. They were quick and kept me informed each step of the way. They have a wide selection of reasonably priced garden toys on their website.
Mega Hi-Tower from Garden Games
A few days after ordering Mega Hi-Tower it arrived well packed in a large cardboard box - my goodness it was heavy! I opened it, unpacked it and me and Jack set to work building a tower inside the house as it was a typical English day outside! The bricks were packed nicely in a strong water-proof zip bag which had a strong carry handle. The bricks are made of a high quality wood and are a perfect shape to hold and handle.

I opted for us to build a tower as Jack is a little to young to understand how to play Jenga plus; I thought if it fell then there wouldn't be much room to move out the way and I didn't want any accidents! I can see this being a big hit with all the family when the summer comes!

After Jack had used all of the 58 bricks we decided to build some tunnels for his toy train to go through. The wooden bricks are easy for him to handle and stack in a number of different ways. He really enjoyed building the tower and the tunnels for the trains. This really helped him used his imagination.

I then thought about what else we could use the bricks for and I came up with building a chair for Jack to sit on. We called it King Jacks thrown. He really enjoyed helping me build it and took a lot of time and care placing the bricks in the right place making sure he didn't knock any down.

I would recommend this for any family as there is so much fun to be had. This will defiantly be used a lot more when the summer comes at parties and BBQ's. You will defiantly be seeing a summer review!

Thanks to everyone at Garden Games!

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