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Monday, December 12, 2011

My top 5 Christmas products...

...from Lush!!
I wanted to share with you the top 5 products I like from the Christmas range at Lush. I hope to get some of these for Christmas, maybe even a lovely gift set!

Snow Globe Soap
"A snowy dome of soap with an uplifting lemon myrtle and lemongrass fragrance.
We make this blue soap in a big dome shape and puts lots of balls of white soap in it, to look like a snow globe that’s just been shaken up. When we cut you a slice from it, it means that no matter where we go through with the knife, you’ll get an interesting slice with white and blue shapes.
And as your nose goes to smell it and expects to smell mint (because that’s what everyone does with blue winter soaps), what you get instead is a burst of uplifting citrus and lemongrass.
Just what you need in the depths of winter when all about you is cold and bleak.  
Shake up something a little different in your bath or shower and escape for a little while."
Cinders Bath Bomb
"A ballistic to evoke sitting by a crackling open fire, drinking a glass of warm punch.
A real Christmas time ballistic that fights the chill and brings peace and comfort. Lie back, letting the water support your body, and listen to the fire as the smell of warm fruit punch fills the room.
Almond essential oil, sweet orange oil and cinnamon leaf oil give a smooth fruity scent with a touch of spice. It lifts the mind and lingers on the skin
We’ve also put popping candy in this mix, which gently crackles in the water, giving you a bath with sound effects. If you really want to hear them go, then  dip your head underwater for the full cacophony. 
Have a Cinders if you want to hide away from the big bad world and feel the warming comforts of home.  Great too if you just want to blow away the cobwebs in your mind, or the dust and soot from your body."
Snow Fairy Shower Gel
"Our winter temptress shower hair and body gel that’s bursting with fruit fragrance and has a sparkle of ice through it.
Now we must confess, it’s a mystery to us why this one particular product should become our number one Xmas bestseller. It’s not your classic hippy dippy Lush herbal offering. Instead it is an intensely sweet, fruity pink shower gel loved by people everywhere.
Snow Fairy refuses to be pigeonholed. All sorts of people fall for her charms. We never fail to be amazed at the wide array of people who seem to love this pink confection. We have photos and letters from you, telling us your little girl likes it, it’s your gran and granddad’s favourite, your brother pinches it, etc,etc. We were even once sent a photo of a bunch of soldiers using it in the barracks showers!
So don’t write Snow Fairy off as pink and girly. Its smell of candy floss and pear drops transports all of us back to days of standing in the sweet shop with our pocket money clasped in our fist, trying to decide what to buy.
Grab her and take her into a shower near you – you may have found a friend for life."
Abombinaball Bath Bomb
"Our big ,shy snow monster ballistic, with a scent of peppermint oil, vanilla absolute and orange oil.
Abombinaball snowmen are rare and exotic ballistics. They don’t hang around for long, so snap one up whilst you can.
Our little icy friend will come out to play any time you choose to have a bath.
He’ll erupt in your bathwater first in a burst of golden yellow that leaves your bathwater an electric green.  He then evades capture as he goes around your bath fizzing and giving off puffs of fine white foam.  Just when you think you’ve worked out what he is and where he’s coming from, he suddenly lets off jets of blue slipstream and makes haste across your bath, suddenly disappearing from wherever it was he came.  Leaving you soaking in a delicately scented, alpine green bath and wishing and hoping that you get to see him again one day soon.
Capture yourself a few before they vanish again."
The Melting Snowman Bath Melt
"Our little snowman is about to shuffle off this mortal coil – but not before you get one last bath from him as he disappears for another year. 
It is a short but glorious life that our Melting Snowman lives. He may not have long to go, but boy is he going to make a grand exit.
Exquisitely fragranced with a blend of oils containing vanilla absolute and sweet wild orange, giving him a deep marzipan fragrance with notes of rich fruit, reminiscent of Christmas cake and figgy puddings. Which means he smells exactly the same as our bestselling Snowcake soap.   
But if it isn’t enough to smell of our most popular Christmas fragrance,  he’s also got a body made of water-softening bicarb of soda, cocoa butter and shea butter. This means that when the heat gets to him and he finally melts away, he fizzes those wonderful butters through your bathwater, leaving you soft and moisturised. What a way to go !
His legacy is your great skin – which means he lives on in the memory of all who knew him."

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