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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Original Pillow Pet now has a website in the UK!

The lovely people at Mookie toys sent Jack a Pillow Pet for his expert opinion. He instantly jumped up and down when it arrived and asked if he could take him to bed that night! We were sent a cuddly penguin. The Pillow Pet is easy to wash, a quick cool wash in a white pillow case, left to air dry and they are good to go again. 

Pillow Pets are the new premium quality plush toy made of ultra-soft and cuddly chenille but with a clever twist. When the hidden strap is released underneath, the cuddly creature transforms from a toy into a soft pillow, making the Pillow Pet a perfect travelling pal, naptime buddy and all round snuggly friend.

There are eight super-cute Pillow Pets available exclusively from Mookie Toys.  The range includes Silly Monkey, Playful Penguin, Comfy Panda, Snuggly Puppy, Magical Unicorn and Wiggly Pig, not forgetting Ms Ladybug and Bumbly Bee!  And especially for Easter, Cuddly Bunny, Thumpy Bunny, Puffy Duck and Fluffy Bunny.

Pillow Pets will become a must-have for all ages; from toddlers to teens and expectant mothers to grandmothers.  Snuggle up with your very own Pillow Pet, catching forty winks has never been more fun! 

Beware as there are a number of companies out there selling counterfeit pillow pets.
How to know if you have an Original Pillow Pet?
  • Facial disfiguration – The original Pillow Pets have extra cute little faces, don’t settle for anything less!
  • Tags – Our Pillow Pets should have the Pillow Pets™ tag attached to them.
  • Stuffing – Our Original Pillow Pets should be stuffed to the brim, making them extra snuggly for tired heads!
  • Distributors – On the label, Our Pillow Pets should have the official UK distributer Mookie Toys.
  • Label – This should show details of the correct fire testing regulations.

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