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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cambridge Diet; 9 week progress report!

Thought I would check back in and update you all on my weight loss journey. I am still on the Cambridge diet!! Woooooohoooooo!!
So, since I last updated you I have continued to loose weight, it has slowed down and I have noticed I have a bigger loss then a smaller loss.
I am still on Step 1; Sole Source; and will continue on this until I have been on the diet for 12 weeks.

In my previous update; I told you I wasn't very well and the doctors had put me on anti-biotics and steroids. I was concerned they would slow down my weight loss that week and lo and behold they did. That week I lost a miserable 1lb but my waist did shrink 1 inch!

Following the disappointment, and completing the course of medication I knew this week would be better. I went to my councillor knowing I had done well and I had; another 4lbs lost, but my waist had stayed the same.

The next week I went to get weighed and I thought I had done well, but I had not. Only a 1lb loss. I was a little disheartened because I had not eaten anything I shouldn't have. The only thing I thought it could be was the water flavouring. I love that stuff, I love it strong! Turns out, I was using to much because I loved the taste and I was knocking myself out of ketosis.

I made the decision that for the following week I would not use ANY water flavouring. This was tough as I couldn't stand the taste of water; but I persisted and found a new addiction - fizzy water!! I attended my appointment with the councillor and I had lost 3lbs!

Either there is a patten going on with my weight loss now; or the water flavouring really was knocking me out of ketosis. I have decided to have another week without it just to see.

My total weight loss for 9 weeks is 34lbs or 2 stone 4lbs! My waist has shrunk a total of 4 inches.

My current weight is 201lbs (14 stone 5lbs), my waist is 35.5 inches and my BMI is 34.5.

I have achieved my 2 stone loss on week 7.

I will keep you updated, so check back in a few weeks! I am so close to my 3 stone achievement!

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