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Friday, September 06, 2013

The first week at school

Your child will probably be really tired during their first week with all the new experiences, early morning and long days. Make allowances for this, and so not try to pack the time after school with too much activity, play sates or clubs as your child needs plenty of time to recharge their batteries.

Tip: Remember that, although you have tried to prepare your child for their first day at school, each day this week will bring new experiences as your child enjoys the whole week's timetable. Try to treat each day as a first day at school.

If you have concerns or questions that have arisen during the first week try to avoid speaking to the teacher at the start of the day as this is a really busy time. Children need to be settled and get started with the activities that have been planned for that day. Waiting until the end of the day is much more suitable, and, if the teacher thinks it would be better to make an appointment to discuss any issue further, it will be easier for them when the classroom is quiet.

Don't forget that other parents may have the answers to some of your questions, or may be wondering about the same thing, so it is good to start talking to other parents of children in your child's class. However, resist the temptation to become involved in the 'What my child can and can't do' discussions that can go on in playgrounds.

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