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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Skylanders Trap Team

This year for Christmas Jack got an xBox 360, something I thought would grow with him as he got older; plus most of this friends at school have one.

Before Christmas and his Birthday he saw at out local toy store a live demo of Skylanders Trap Team. For the next couple of days it's all he was going on about. So, on Boxing day we went and brought Skylanders Trap Team as it was reduced from £53 to £39! He also picked up some characters and this came to the same price as the game would have been on it's own!

The starter set comes with the game, a traptanium portal (which the Skylander figures go on), 2 Skylander figures, 2 traps (life and water), a collector poster, stickers, secret codes and 2 trading cards.

What a fantastic idea this game is! Really suitable for his age and you can set the difficulty of the game.
It has plastic Skylander characters which you can choose, place on the trap portal and they transport "magically" into the game and then you play the game with them. Once you have defeated the evil/bad characters you can save them into traps and also use them during game play.
I honestly wish this kind of game was available when I was a child!

This video below explains it a little better! Seriously this is a must for any child into video games.

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