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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Restarting the Cambridge Diet; Weeks 1 - 5

During the New Year lots of people make resolutions and in the top 10 is to loose weight.
I also made a resolution to loose weight. I felt it was the right time to get back into shape.
I went back to a diet I knew would work for me and shed the weight quickly and also help me in the long term with my health.
I searched on The Cambridge Diets webpage and found a consultant who was local to me.

Making that first point of contact is always hard as you don't know what to say also, suffering from anxiety I was nervous the consultant would judge me. Silly I know as she has been on the weight loss journey too.
I arrived and she was so welcoming and friendly. She explained how she was on the diet plan too and shared some tips.
I got onto the scales and got my start weight. I knew I was overweight but I didn't realise just how much!

I started my journey on 19th January 2015 and weighed 15 stone 8lbs with a BMI of 38.

I was 100% committed to do this diet and really wanted to be at my goal weight by the summer. I worked out on average I needed to loose roughly a stone a month to be on track.

At my last visit to my consultant, which was 22nd February 2015, I weighed 14 stone 5lbs.

Thats 1 stone 3lbs loss in just over 1 month.

I knew this was a diet I could do as before I had Jack I got to goal weight and maintained for over a year.

It's not an easy diet and you truly have to be focused and WANT to loose weight. It's not a quick fix; it's a diet which helps change the way you eat.

I will update with a post in about a month with an update on my total weight loss.

Any questions please feel free to contact me.

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