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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Free Potty Training Reward Charts

After last night, we have had a few accidents (which is expected) but had a few more wee's on the potty. I wanted to reward him for weeing on the potty but didn't want to use sweets or chocolate. I found a few websites which had some lovely free reward charts on which you simply print out. I thought the benefits of using a reward chart would show Jack that he has successfully used the potty by sticking on a lovely gold star. I am hoping this will help boost his confidence while using the potty. You could use a similar reward chart for anything; maybe for behaviour, sleeping or potty training.
I wanted to share these sites with you. Another way to save a few pennies!

  • First up is for potty training and has a selection of different characters on (Cars, Diego, Disney, Dora & Thomas) 
  • Next, this site has a wide selection of charts suitable for all areas which can be rewarded. There is also advice and coupons which can be used along side the reward chart system.
  • There is some simple ones on this site which you can let your child colour in.
Below is the reward chart we have decided to use.

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