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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mookie Scuttlebug Review

Note: Watch the cute video at the end of this post!
Jack was sent a Scuttlebug to test and review. When it arrived I expected loads of bits of put together. The box it arrived in was small and lightweight, I thought bits may have been missing! I opened the box to find the Scuttlebug neatly folded up.

I removed it from the box and read the instructions which were included; all you needed to do was unclip the front wheel, lock it into place and do the same with the two rear wheels and the bike was ready to use! It literately took seconds to put up and put down (obviously you reverse the technique)!

The bike itself is sturdy and very light weight. Jack is able to control the bike with the handle bars. The height of the bike is perfect for Jack. He loves wizzing around the yard and house on it! The Scuttlebug has specially designed wheels which make it suitable for inside and outside. The wheels provide a smooth and noise free ride.

The Scuttlebug helps develop balance and steering skills. This is a big plus as Jack is learning to control the bike while he is having fun. I have already noticed him steering the bike in the direction he wants to go. The manufacture recommends this bike is suitable for children aged 18 months to 3 years (maximum weight is 20kg) I wish Jack had one of these bikes when he was younger! We have a big bulky bike stored in the garden; I can't fold it or put it away so it just sits there getting wet and slimy! Jack has never really seemed interested in it. The Scuttlebug folds down flat which means I can store it easy.

Jack loves the eyes on the Scuttlebug and he always wants to ride it whenever we go anywhere; because it's lightweight I don't mind him riding it out and about. If he gets tired it's not to heavy to carry. The colours are very bright and the design is a Bumble Bee. There are different colours and designs.
I would defiantly recommend this to my friends and I hope Jack doesn't grow out of it too quickly.

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