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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cambridge Diet; 5 week progress report!

I am pleased to say I am still on the diet and doing well! I never imagined I would be able to get past the first few weeks without giving in.
Since my last post I have continued to shed the pounds and even inches; the losses are no where near as much as the first 2 weeks but still, it's a loss!
I am still on Step 1, Sole Source and will continue on this step until I am at 12 weeks.

I forgot to mention my start weight in my first progress report; it was 235lbs (16'11) and my waist was 39.5 inches and a BMI 39.5.

On my third weigh in my councillor informed me she would be going on holiday for just over a week. Inside I felt I wouldn't be able to manage without seeing her; and this was true. My loss for 12 days was a disappointing 3lbs. I knew the reason why I lost so little; I actually attended two birthday meals at Nandos and the sauce on the chicken must have knocked me out of Ketosis, also, not having all of my packs would have contributed to the weight loss slowing down.

The following week I knew I wouldn't be defeated and I was determined to loose more than last week! I had all of my packs and drank the water I needed to each day. I got on the scales and I had in-fact lost 4lbs. I was so happy!!

Last week, I felt had been a good week until I got a cold and really didn't feel well. I just wanted to eat lots of comfort food and feel sorry for myself. But I knew I would be totally out of ketosis again, and it would be a hard to get back into. I continued on, even though I had to force the packs down me. The day came where I went to see my councillor and I got on the scales and lost 3lbs. I am pleased with that, considering I was still ill.

I've since been to the doctors and they have put me on a steroid and anti-biotic. I hope these don't slow down the weight loss. Only time will tell!

So, for my total weight loss for 5 weeks is 25lbs or 1 stone 8 lbs! My waist has shrunk 2.5 inches.

My current weight is 210 lbs (15 stone) and my waist is 37 inches and a BMI of 35.5.

I am still having 3 packs a day; 1 chocolate mint shake in the morning, 1 chicken and mushroom soup late afternoon and another chicken and mushroom soup in the evening.

I will post back in a few weeks updating you on my progress!

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