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Monday, August 19, 2013

Starting School; The month before

The bedtime routine

Start to prepare your child for the routine of school with a regular bedtime routine about a month before the big day. If you already have a routine; you may need to look at moving the process forward a little in preparation for starting school.
Research suggests that children of three to five years need between 10-12 hours sleep a night to be able to function and learn properly at school. 

The shopping trip
A few weeks before starting school, you can take your child to buy the remaining school uniform. Make this a special outing so that your child feels excited and confident about the forthcoming event. You might enjoy going for lunch together or buying a small treat. Check with the school first whether they will allow you to buy none logo specific items and make a list of what is expected in terms of colours and styles.

Tip: Don't buy the uniform too early to ensure that the items you do purchase still fit properly on the first day. Children grow quickly and many articles of clothing are not necessary.

School shoes will probably have to be either black or blue and a good sturdy pair which have been fitted; this will be one of your best investments. Sometimes cheaper shoes tend to be false economy because inevitable wear and tear in the playground means you might end up buying more than one pair a term. Try to get your child's feet measured at least once a term as they often grow quickly in those first few months!

When buying a coat or jacket, try to make sure your child can manage the fastenings. For example; some children have difficulty with toggles and zips, while others find them easy but cannot fasten buttons.

Your child will enjoy choosing a water bottle or lunch box as these now come in many designs, often featuring a favourite character that can easily be recognised. Try to make sure everything is easy to open and close for your child and that the water bottle have a secure lid.

If your child does not have a school uniform, try to buy hard wearing clothes that are for school only. This avoids any disagreements about what to wear in the morning and saves favourite clothes for home.

Tip: Remember not to send your child to school in their best or designer clothes as they will inevitably get dirty and possibly wet!

Labeling your child's clothing is a must as you don't want to loose anything at school. If you are not a confident sewer then a black permanent marker is essential for marking bags, lunch boxes and the inside of shoes. You will probably only manage your child's initials inside shoes so make sure your child is able to recognise their initials as well as their full name. Marking your child's initials under the tongue of their shoes will help to identify them easily and they will not get rubbed off by sweaty feet and socks, but most importantly, make sure your child knows where to look for their initials.

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