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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ideas for Halloween party games

Pin the wart on the witch

Draw a witch outline onto a cardboard box which has either been painted black or covered in a black bin liner. Don't worry; it doesn't have to be perfect as most kids won't mind. Don't forget to include the witches had and pointed nose!

Stick the witch up onto the wall and decorate it with plastic spiders and fake web.

Cut out large wart shapes from a green felt material or paper. Stick tap to the back or use blue-tac to enable the children to stick them onto the witch. You could also use play dough or plasticine.

Use a dark coloured scarf as a blind fold and let the children take turns trying to stick the wart onto the witches nose! Older children could be spun around before their go to make it a little more difficult!

You could use the same game idea and draw a spiders web onto cardboard and put it up on the wall. Draw spiders onto paper and get the children to try and get the spider onto the web.

Halloween bingo

Click the line above (the title) to print out the PDF file which contains all the images required to be able to play Halloween bingo.

Halloween feel box game

Using cardboard; this can either be a cereal box or a shoe box. Divide the inside of a large box into 4 sections (or how many you wish). Cut holes into the sides of the box - make sure these are big enough to allow a hand inside but not large enough to see inside. Put something from the list below into each section of the box and have the children or adults put their hands into the holes and try to guess what it is just by feeling.

  • Dried apricots - dried up tongues
  • Cooked, cold spaghetti pasta - worms or veins
  • Slime
  • Soft flour tortilla - skin (can add a little oil)
  • Peeled grapes - eyeballs
  • Fake fur
  • Over cooked rice in olive oil- rotting maggots
  • Raisins covered in applesauce - boogers
  • Dried apple slices - ears
  • Peeled tomato - heart
More party games can be found here!

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