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Friday, March 08, 2013

Easter egg hunt tips & ideas!

Easter Egg Hunt

It's a long-standing Easter tradition - and for most children, the highlight of the day (once all of the chocolate eggs have been eaten) - but making an awesome Easter Egg hunt is a lot harder than just finding good hiding spots! If you've got a group of little ones headed to your house for The Big Search, consider spicing up the hunt with these handy tips.

Pre-hide the eggs
When it's time to start the hunt, no one wants to hit the pause button while the host searches the garden for good hiding spots. More importantly, hiding the eggs before your guests arrive gives you a chance to optimize the hunt. Also, factor in the age of the searchers. If they're merely toddlers, the eggs should be fairly easy to spot, but if you're dealing with a group of 10 or 11 year-olds, try to add some challenge by hiding a few eggs in the low-hanging branches of a tree.
Think plastic
Plastic eggs not only allow you to push the hunt back as long as you'd like, they give you the chance to offer prizes to all of the participants. They could be filled with small toys or sweets.
Colour coding
Expecting a group of children that cover a wide age range? Separate them by egg colour. Blue eggs could be for under 5s and hidden in fairly obvious spots, while yellow eggs could be for children aged 5-8 and hidden a bit more thoughtfully. This not only prevents the older children from spoiling the fun for little ones, but it encourages the egg hunters to help each other out when they see someone who's down on their luck.

Puzzle it out
Easter egg hunts are all about finding treasure, so why not take that a little more literally and turn the party into a pirate treasure hunt? Draw up a treasure map, tear it up into a few or so pieces, then put those pieces into your hidden eggs. The children will have to work together to piece it together, which has the added benefit of turning the typically competitive day into a co-operative experience.

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