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Friday, March 01, 2013




I am posting this message on behalf of a friend to help generate raffle/auction prizes.

Below is a message Kellie has written. If you would like to contact her; please mail me and I can forward on her contact details.
My name is Kellie.
I am contacting you to see if I can get some help if possible?  
I have quite possibly experienced something that a lot of people can only imagine, on 21st April 2011 my baby boy Harvey was stillborn. I could sit at home crying all day but it isn’t going to change anything, so instead I have been doing positive things and using the awful experience to try to help other people. 
The charity Sands have really helped me and my partner since Harvey was born, so I have decided that I want to try and raise as much money for them as possible! They do a lot of research into stillbirths and prevention etc. After an awful experience with the NHS, a charity called the Cedar Tree has also offered me counselling on a weekly basis free of charge. I can’t begin to explain what the Cedar Tree has done for me, but we want to help them as much as possible, they are a local based charity that relies purely on donations.  
In April this year it will have been two long hard years since Harvey was born. Last year we held our first “Charity Ball” it was a huge success, beyond what we had imagined, so much so that we decided to make it an annual event. I am now in the process of organising this years and we are having it on Saturday 10th August at Evesham Football Club and once again it is set to be a successful evening. I am contacting you to see if you can help in any way?  
I would really appreciate it if you could help me by donating a prize that I can use in the raffle/auction. I cannot explain how much this would mean to us, without these charities I don’t know where I would be now.  
Thank you in advance and best wishes,

Just a few images of last years successful ball. 

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