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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Jack's top 10 iPod games!

1. Jetpack Joyride
Suit up with a selection of the coolest jetpacks ever made and take to the skies as Barry Steakfries, the loveable hero on a one-way trip to adventure!

Jetpack Joyride
2. Toca Train
All aboard? Time to get on Toca Train! Your kids are the train driver in this fun and friendly train simulator. The controls are intuitive and there are no written instructions. Just pull the leavers, push the buttons and start exploring the island with your train. Toca Train is suitable for kids between 3-7 years old.
Toca Train
3. Chuggington Traintastic Adventures Free
Traintastic Adventures await in this ultimate train set and railway adventure app for kids! This app includes railway adventures, exciting episode clips, a train set collection activity, and lots more! Fun for kids of all ages. Play exciting adventures, watch episode clips and build your very own Chuggington!

Chuggington Traintastic Adventures
4. Thomas & Friends: Diesels and Steamies
It's Steamies and Diesels in this brand-new interactive adventure starring Thomas, Percy, and all of your favorite engines. Read, watch, listen and play with multi-touch animation, CGI video, painting, puzzles and games. With hours of playful interactivity, Thomas & Friends; Day of the Diesels provides a unique, immersive reading experience the whole family will enjoy!

Thomas & Friends: Diesels and Steamies
5. Helicopter Taxi
Need a ride? Call Helicopter Taxi and we'll come and pick you up! Let your kids fly around their bedroom while getting calls from Senor Fox and his friends that need help to get home. Helicopter Taxi uses the camera on your iPod/iPhone so that it looks like it's really flying next to you! A digital toy for kids age 3 and above.

Helicopter Taxi
6. Thomas Tilt and Go
Race against the clock on the Island of Sodor with your favourite engines - Thomas, Percy and Toby. Explore new destinations like Misty Island! Travel through the countryside, exploring mines and tunnels, collecting objects to score points while completing four unique missions. To be a Really Useful Engine, listen carefully yo Sir Topham Hatt's instructions and follow the arrow signs. Choose the right path to successfully finish a level.

Thomas Tilt and Go
7. Little Charley Bear
Are you there Charley Bear? Select your favourite adventures and join Little Charley Bear in his amazing imaginary worlds with 'Match and Play' a FREE and easy-to-use new game that's great fun for preschoolers! To use, simply double tap to select an adventure, watch the clip, drag and drop Little Charley Bear's props, then play the scene and see Charley's imagination come to life.

Little Charley Bear
8. Thomas & Friends: Engine Activities
Tap into the fn of Thomas & Friends with this interactive activity app! Little engineers will be entertained for hours as they play with come-alive puzzles, creativity-boosting colouring pages, and brain-building matching games. Extend the play even further by purchasing additional packs with new puzzles, colouring pages and collectible match cards. With so much to do, Thomas & friends: Engine Activities guarantees an endless supply of fun and adventure!

Thomas & Friends: Engine Activities
9. Toca Robot Lab
Want to make a cool robot? With Toca Robot Lab you and your kids can build your own robot from pieces of scrap and see it fly straight away! The robot you built is now in a testing area where it can pick up stars and knock over balls and blocks as it zooms around. When it's done, fly up to the magnet and get your Toca Robot Lab Test Report! Endless different robot combinations are possible to make. A creative toy for kids age 3 and up!

Toca Robot Lab
10. Humf
Especially designed for pre-school children, Humf is a collection of 9 mini-games and activities inspired by the original TV show. Both fun and engaging all games have been designed so they are prefect for children to simply pick up and play! A great variety of activities featuring all the characters, music and sounds from their favourite TV show that will keep them entertained for hours.


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