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Friday, April 01, 2011

Lush Easter Collection & gift ideas

Donkey Oaty
Donkey Oaty Ballistic
All Lush products are handmade in the Lush Kitchens. This lovely donkey smells of their chocolate scented Charity-Pot lotion and is packed full of rice paper ribbons. This will leave your skin feeling soft and it's colour spectacular of summery colours will send the dreariness of winter packing once and for all. This is a very fun and surreal Easter gift for kids.

Fluffy Egg
Fluffy Egg Ballistic
Egg-cellent, sweet and outrageously camp bath ballistic egg, made fresh by hand in the Lush Kitchens. This ballistic is great for kids and anyone who loves the bubblegum and banana scent of Snow Fairy shower gel (a Christmas special). It'll transform the waters into a pink wonderland of candy floss sweetness and scent your body for the rest of the day. Layer is with Godmother soap and you'll be irresistible. This Fluffy Egg makes a perfectly fluffy Easter gift for girls and guys with a sense of humour.

Hippy Chick
Hippy Chick Ballistic
Chicks everywhere need this zesty grapefruit bath ballistic. The bohemian, refreshing scents of frankincense and citrus essential oils will perk up even the most boring baths as it fizzes off into the water. Drop it in when you're in need of a spring in your step this Easter. Anyone who loves grapefruit-loaded Happy Hippy shower gel will love the Hippy Chick. It;s clucking great, so buy-buy-birdy.

Happy Easter Gift
Happy Easter Gift Set
Let's face it, Lush Bath Ballistics are better than chocolate. So this year, you can give a Ballistic egg to wish someone a 'Happy Easter' rather than giving them the choccy alternative. With zero calories, three different ballistics (Avobath, Fluffy Egg and Hippy Chick), as well as a mini Knot-Wrap that you can use again and again, you're bound to give a very Happy Easter indeed.

Bunny Knot-Wrap
Bunny Knot-Wrap
Have you tried knot-wrapping? Knot-Wraps are a great fabric alternative to paper wrapping (you can use them again and again, or fashion them into a stylish kerchief or scarf - the possibilities are endless!) Now you can knot-wrap at Easter with this fun little Bunny Knot-Wrap. You can wrap him around your bath ballistics, your Fluffy Egg or even a bar of soap.