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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Scooter Help!

Hi everyone.
I am looking to get Jack a scooter but can't decide on which one is best suited for him. I don't want him to outgrow it to soon and I would like something which is stable and not going to fall apart weeks after getting it.
There are so many to choose from; I wondered if you has any advice or tips which could help me narrow my choice down. Below are a few which I thought might be suitable. If you have any advice or suggestions please feel free to e-mail or comment on this post.

First up is George Tri Scooter
Only £24.99
Not sure if this would be well made well as it's only a character scooter and made from a lot of plastic! But I know Jack would love George Pig on the front. Only draw back is - it doesn't have adjustable height,
Website states its for ages 3 years and over.

Only £17.99
Could it be cheap and cheerful; not lasting more than a few months?
Nice bright colours and has adjustable handlebars. Again website states it is suitable for children aged 3 years and over.

Another one on my list is, Ozbozz My First Scooter 3 in 1
Only £20.42
Tick's all my boxes; has 4 wheels for extra stability, grows with the child, can be folded down, wheels can be removed to create a 3 wheel scooter and a 2 wheel scooter. Website says it's suitable for children 2 years and over. 

Only £24.99
Now this looks like something Jack would enjoy riding on. It is height adjustable, has 3 wheels for stability and also has flashing lights! Only downside - this is battery powered and could use a lot of batteries to keep the light going! Website states it for children who are 3+.