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Monday, April 25, 2011

Street Party Ballistic from Lush.

As you may be aware I am in love with Lush!
I have a huge collection (taking over my bathroom) of their products. Lush have made a limited edition ballistic which has a link to the Royal Wedding. It's called the Street Party Ballistic. I saw a demo of this in store before I brought it; all I can say is Glittertastic!
It adds no colour to the bath water while is fizzes in the bath but leaves loads of glitter and pink and blue heart confetti. There is also a streamer inside which comes out once all the ballistic has fizzed away. It has a distinctive fragrance with a deeply herbal citrus scent of lavender and litsea cubeba. It's like a party in the bath! 
So, forget the Royal Wedding and choose this Royal Bath Ballistic for the ultimate party explosion!
Street Party Ballistic