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Friday, March 12, 2010

Lady Gaga!

When I heard Lady Gaga had added another tour date for Birmingham I felt I HAD to go!! I went to bed early last night to ensure I was up in time to buy tickets to see Lady Gaga in May; I started up the computer and it did some silly updates, I was not impressed. By the time it has finished doing the updates it was 9.18am (The tickets went on sale at 9am!)
I was worried I may not be able to get any!! I quickly loaded up the internet only to find the web page was slow as there was properly many people trying to access it. I eventually got onto the booking page and it teased me with some really good seats; I then proceeded to checkout and the page crashed! I couldn't believe it!! How dare it crash! I continued to go through the process again only for the web page to load slow and then I couldn't get the same seats again!! After trying for nearly 2 hours to get good seats; my wish was granted!! Seats right by the stage!!
I really can't wait for May to come now!!

1 comment:

Natural Mummy said...

Good job for persevering. I regularly want to throw the laptop at the wall...