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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Happy, Happy, Happy!!

Today is another beautiful day; the sun is shining and I have my windows open to left some of the spring air in!

I feel like a massive weight has been lifted off my back; I have completed my assignments for my university course and submitted them.
Jack has been very good today; considering I have been sat on the computer most of the day.

I have also got an email through to say my reusable nappies have been dispatched. Only another few days until I can officially say I am doing my part to make the world green! My reusable wipes have arrived and they are lovely and soft; I wish I could use them on my bum!!

Last night I left Jack to feed himself a yogurt; he managed to get about 40% into his mouth I think; the other 60% ended up on the top, highchair and floor! After expressing himself and really enjoying playing in the yogurt, I had to tackle the clean down! I stripped Jack to his vest and just put everything else in the dishwasher!

"I love this face! Jack pulls it all the time; if he knows he has done something he shouldn't, if he is shocked, if he has seen something he likes! It's so funny because he makes the 'ooooo' sounds too!"

Also, Jack had a few Jaffa Cakes before bed; couldn't say no as I was sat eatting them!

"Jacks new saying sounds something like 'up there' and he points too!"

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