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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thrilling Thursday!

Today my pop'n'gro nappies arrived!!
It felt like christmas when the postman knocked on the door! He handed me a big brown box! My eye must have lite up LOL! As soon as I had signed for it; I closed the door and began to open the box frantically. As I opened the box I felt like a ray of light came out (the kind you see on a cartoon!)

I began to unpack the nappies touching and opening each one! I loaded then into the washing machine to get them washed and ready to use. Once they had washed I had the mission of drying them all. I hung them on my clothes airer to dry; they looked so pritty all the aqua, green and yellow nappies.

Tomorrow will be the day I convert from disposibles to reusables. Tonight Jack went to bed in one; I hope it doesn't leak!

Nappies drying!

I also cooked a super yummy dinner! I made pork, apple, mushroom and yellow pepper kebabs with vegtable rice. It was really nice and even Jack enjoyed the smaller one I made him.

I have started to cook alot more home-cooked meals for Jack and I have noticed he enjoys eatting more! He must be a growing boy! He always seems to be eatting; he never seems satisfied. Typical male I guess!

Just beore they went in the oven.

Served and ready to be eatten!

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