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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Monday Madness!

What a beautiful day it was yesterday! I couldn't stay in; the sun was shining. I decided a trip to the park was in order! I had planned to feed the ducks with Jack, my mummy friend Emma and her little boy Oli.
When we arrived, the river was slightly flooded; but we were still able to get close to feed the ducks.
As I pulled the bread out from under the ptam; the ducks started to gather around!
As I began to throw the bread into the river, more and more gulls started to fly in. The ducks gathered at the waters edge along with some geese; I was a little scared of them! Luckily Emma had her camera to hand and was able to take a few snapshots!

Jack was really happy and was laughing at the ducks flapping around and fighting over who got the bread! The noise was loud; all the squawking from the gulls and quacking from the ducks.

The ducks started to get brave and came really close to me. I didn't mind the ducks being close but when the geese climbed out of the water and began hissing; me and Emma went and hid behind the prams!

A swan swam over and bravely climbed out of the river. Oh my!!! I didn't realise how big they were! The swan extended its neck; at this point I was stepping back feeling quite scared. The swan started to walk towards Jack and Oli in their prams.

After frantically ripping up the last few slices of bread, we both made a dash for it! I was really quite scared the swans were going to attack Jack and Oil.
We started to walk along the river to the park. Jack and Oli were really excited when they arrive and could see the swings. Once on the swings they both were laughing away and smiling.

Jack loved the swings; he didn't want to get off them. I felt like an evil mummy when I lifted him out and he began to cry (with real tears)! We went over to the seesaw and Jack didn't quite know what to make of it. Oli, on the other hand, really enjoyed it; he loves bouncing!

Jack had time to walk around and explore the playground. Bless him; he really enjoyed his day out! I love watching him walk around; his little cubby legs tottering about!


Anonymous said...

That looked like a lovely day out. Totally agree about the swans, I didn't realise how big they were either until I first fed one. I took Amy to a lake when she was little and they came bounding over almost ripping our hands off. Poor Amy was scared stiff. So was I.!!

CJ xx

The Dotterel said...

They're aggressive beasts, too - and can sometimes take a dislike to small children. Best avoided, or observed from a safe distance!!

singlemummy said...

After that experience; I will be standing on a roof in future to feed the ducks with Jack!