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Friday, October 08, 2010

Bimbambim Book Swapping

Have books laying around and collecting dust which you no longer read?
Fancy getting a new book by swapping old books?
Want to get an exciting and fresh new novel?
If you answered yes; then BimBamBim is the perfect place for you!

The site is easy to use, you simply browse the books which are divided into sub sections to make them easier to find and select if you have the book or if you want the book.
If you select 'I Want' then you are adding the book to your 'want' list; which means you would be willing to have the book in exchange for a book you own. The site will then notify you if there is a possible swap.
If you find a book which you have and would like to swap, simply click 'I Have' and you will be able to list the book on the site.

Did you know that less and less people are reading books for entertainment? Many classic stories are just gathering dust on the library shelves! One of the worst effects of this trend has been on children. Their vocabularies haven't been developing as well as they had been in the past. As a result, more and more children have been forced to stay back because of reading comprehension failures.
You can help develop your child's vocabulary by reading them a simple story once a day. BimbamBim enables you to swap story books for ages 0-8, activity books, education books, hobbies & interests, humor, poetry and reference. Such a simple, cost effective way to encourage your child to read!
Book swapping sites like bimbambim are wonderful because they engage children to learn. They also make sure the classic stories are never forgotten.
What are you waiting for? Dust off and get rid of the books you no longer read and swap them for something fresh and exciting on Bimbambim!