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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Makka Pakka and Haahoo pumpkins!

Hi everyone!
Last night I tested out the In The Night Garden pumpkin stencils with a little help from my sister.

We brought two small pumpkins for 50p each (what a bargin!) and got to work. We made a silly mistake and cut the lid small, which meant we couldn't get out hands in to scoop the middle out! But after a little pushing and pulling we managed to squeeze our hands in (mine are rather sore this morning!)

The stencils did work very well; but in my option I think the Haahoo one worked the best. I ended up doing both pumpkins as my sister didn't have the patience to punch the design onto the pumpkin!

Haahoo and Makka Pakka
Haahoo pumpkin
Close up of Haahoo pumpkin
Makka Pakka pumpkin
Side view of Makka Pakka