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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our trip to see In The Night Garden Live! (Part 2)

Last week you may have read my post about going to see In The Night Garden Live!
Well, we went again on Wednesday 20th October to see the Pinky Ponk show.
Thankfully my alarm went off at 6.30am (it's still dark at that time!) which allowed me to make myself look half human and get Jack ready without rushing around. I had packed the bag the night before just encase the alarm didn't go off! We were all set ready to go by 7.30am.
After a slow and careful drive (it was icy on the roads) we arrived at Cannon Hill Park for about 8.45am. We were one of the first people there! (Take about being keen!) Although we had to stand outside in the FREEZING cold for 30 minutes it was well worth it; we had amazing seats and Jack enjoyed it so much more!
He started to cry as we were waiting to go in. I am guessing he remembered what was inside the huge dome!
As with the Ninky Nonk show, I felt the show was well structured and all the night garden characters appeared. You may be asking yourself why I went twice? Well, there were two different stories. The Pinky Ponk show was about Makka Pakka washing each of the characters faces and in the Ninky Nonk show Iggle Piggle lost his blanket.
I have some pictures which I will post below. I really hope they do another live show next year as I think Jack would enjoy seeing it again.

At the start!
Makka Pakka washing Iggle Piggles face!
The tiny tiny Pontipines having their faces washed!
The Titifers which were projected onto the dome walls.
Now it's the Tombliboos turn to have their faces washed.
Makka Pakka washing Upsy Daisys face.
Goodbye everyone!