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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Cheap Halloween Crafts!

Make Monster Feet!
Your toddler will have great fun stomping around the room in these monster feet! They will suit all ages as you can make the feet as fantastic and details as you like.

  • 2 tissue boxes (big enough to fit a foot in)
  • Paint
  • Stickers, sequins and other decorative bits
  • Craft foam or coloured card
First you need to paint your tissue boxes any colour you want and leave it to dry.
Cut triangles from the craft foam or coloured card. Glue them along one of the short edges of the box to create claws!
You can now decorate your feet how you like using the stickers and sequins. Maybe even use some fake fur to give them a real monster look!

Handprint and Footprint Ghosts!
These hand and foot print ghosts are so effective; remember to date them as they are a great way of "capturing" a memory of your child. You could even use them as invitations for a Halloween party!
  • Black paper
  • White paint
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Black pen
Paint your child's hand using the white paint then print it onto the black paper; make sure their fingers are kept together. Make sure you leave some space for the footprint! Paint your child's foot using the white paint and print it onto the black paper.
Once the paint is dry, draw some ghostly faces. You could add some glitter to give the ghosts a touch of sparkle! The fingers and toes form the bottom of your ghost.
Cut out the ghosts, leaving a thin rim of black paper around the edge.
You could even punch holes through the top, tie some string and hang them as Halloween decorations!

Paper Place Spiders Web!
Another fantastic idea for a Halloween party decoration. Younger children will enjoy lacing activity. A perfect place for a little spider to live!
Let's start with the spider.
  • 2 black pipe cleaners
  • A black pompom
  • A pair of googly eyes
  • Glue
Cut the two pipe cleaners in half. Lay the the four halves of pipe cleaner side by side and twist them together in the middle.
Glue the pompom to the middle of the pipe cleaners.
Stick the googly eyes near the top of the pompom. 
When you are sure the glue has dried; you can bend the pipe cleaners to create the spiders legs.
Next, the web!
  • A paper plate
  • Black paint
  • Black string or wool
  • Hole punch
Paint the back of the plate black and leave to dry, then cut the middle of the plate out. Making sure you don't cut the edges. Using the hole punch, punch holes evenly around the inner edge of the plate.
Cut a length of wool or string. Tie it to one of holes and then weave through the others to make a spider web pattern. When you are close to the end, tie to a hole and cut away the excess wool or string. Start with a new piece of wool or string and repeat until you are happy with your web. It's easier to use several small pieces of wool or sting as the ends won't fray.
Place your spider in the web!

Handprint Spider!
This spooky little spider does double duty - first as a quick and easy fun craft for children of all ages, and second as a keepsake for mothers (or grandparents) to store away and bring out each Halloween!

  • Black paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Black wool
  • Glue
Draw around both hands with fingers spread out and thumbs tight against index fingers.
Cut out the hands and glue them together so that the palms form the spider's body and the finger's create the spider's legs.
Glue on the googly eyes. Make a small hole through the centre of the body and thread the wool through and tie the end into a knot.
You can hang these spooky spiders from doorways or windows!