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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nûby No-Spill Convert-a-cup Review

The lovely people at Nûby kindly sent me a Convert-a-cup for Jack to review. It claims to be spill proof; this was something I was eager to test! The video below shows just how easy it is to assemble the cup into the beaker with handles; there are also pictures showing each stage the cup converts too.

I am amazed that a single cup can convert into four different cups which cover each stage of  a child's transition from a bottle to a open top cup. Which means you only ever need to buy one cup! Each stage a different piece is removed or attached. It can convert from a beaker with handles to a beaker without handles; a cup with handles to a cup. The cup itself is BPA free and is very light weight even with liquid in. It can hold 240ml. The handles allow smaller hands to grip it easily and should only be used with children over 6 months.

The cup encourages natural drinking action and oral development. The teat has Touch Flo technology which means as soon as your child puts the spout into their mouths and starts drinking; only then is the liquid released. The teat and top of the cup are all one piece and made out of silicone. A fully flexible lid is something I have not seen before and was quite surprised by it!

Convert-a-cup teat and lid
I was a little worried the lid may fall off or even leak as it doesn't screw into place; but the lid just snaps over the cup and forms a tight vacuum seal around the top of the cup. There was no liquid coming out of the teat or the edges when I shook it!

I even shook the cup and still no drips!
Jack loved drinking from this cup and even shared it with Iggle Piggle! This Nûby cup will help Jack to learn how to drink sensibly from an open top cup. There is no need for me to worry about him dropping a glass onto the floor! A perfect cup and I would definitely recommend this to anyone parent trying to encourage their toddler to drink from a "big boys cup"!
Jack sharing his juice!