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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Angel Delight Recipes!

Ever wanted to make something tasty quickly? Well these simple recipes will allow you to make something tasty out of a well know product Angel Delight. I love it and have grown up with it. I will introduce Jack to it and make it a yummy treat for him.

Available in Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Butterscotch & Raspberry.
Also a sugar-free version in Butterscotch, Strawberry and Chocolate.
First up is similar to banoffee pie. Melt butter and digestive biscuits together and put in the bottom of a cake tin or bowls. Chop up two bananas and spread over the biscuit base. Next, mix up banana Angel Delight as normal and spread over the banana. To finish shake some chocolate sprinkles on the top and leave to chill.
To make a chocolate cheesecake; don't add the banana and use a chocolate Angel Delight. Try using some yummy biscuits as a base such as chocolate chip cookies or ginger nut biscuits!
You could even try making the base out of Weetabix mixed with Rich Tea biscuits, banana Angel Delight for the filling and add strawberries and raspberries to the top.

What about a Chocolate Orange Triffle? Add Jaffa Cakes to the bottom of a dish. Cover with mandarin oranges. Mix up a chocolate Angel Delight and layer over the Jaffa Cakes. Whip up cream and layer over the Angel Delight. You could even decorate the top with Terry's Chocolate Orange segments!

Ever thought to make yummy ice lollies from Angel Delight? Mix it up as usual just add a little more milk so it doesn't go to thick. Then pour the mixture into ice lolly moulds and freeze for around 2-3 hours. You could use Strawberry Angel Delight and add fresh strawberries to the mix!


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