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Friday, September 03, 2010

'I Can Cook' Recipes

'I Can Cook' images (From BBC website)
I seem to watch CBeebies everyday with my little one and there are a number of programs I have seen a hundred times! The one program which I actually enjoy watching is 'I Can Cook'. I think the recipes which Katy cooks with the children are really easy and simple. The recipes help you encourage healthy eating as they all include fruit and vegetables; it also teaches children to discover the full cycle of food as they learn to connect what's on their plate everyday with the world around them. I thought I would share the recipes I found with you all!
I found SAVOURY and SWEET recipes. I can't wait until Jack is a little bit older and we can cook together. Enjoy cooking with your children!
My favourite recipes are Spicy Baked Wraps, Fish Triple Decker and Chunky Banana Bread.


Jacks Mum said...

yeah i totally agree with you it makes a change from things like in the night garden and mickeymouse clubhouse. I used to watch and help my dad cook and now I have my own son whos coming up to 2 and he loves being in the kitchen and watch whats going on (we had a go at chocolate crispies and i have to say that there was more chocolate on his face than in the bowl, but its a start)

singlemummy said...

I haven't started cooking with Jack yet; he isn't quite 2 and I am sure he would eat everything! Thanks for the comment xx