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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Ella's Kitchen Product Withdrawal Notice

Hi everyone
I had this email yesterday from the people at Ella's Kitchen and thought I would share it with you as some of you may not be registered with them.
"We wanted to get in touch to let our friends know that some mums + dads have contacted us about an issue with a number of our Carrots, Apples + Parsnips stage one baby food pouches. 
We've looked into this and found that 3 of our products produced at one isolated factory have been subject to natural product spoilage, occurring inside the straw of the pouches.
This has affected our Carrots, Apples + Parsnips; Strawberries + Apples; and Apples + Bananas stage 1 baby food.
Whilst we believe that this spoilage is completely harmless, we are currently investigating thoroughly, and this process will take some time to analyse fully. In the meantime, while we carry out our investigations into the exact cause, and because we believe that mums, dads and hungry little ones should be enjoying all of our products in tip top condition, we have decided to withdraw all products produced at this one factory, until we know what's gone wrong. This includes the above affected products, plus our 'Yellow One' smoothie fruit snack as a precautionary measure. 
The batches we are withdrawing are limited to products with the letters'CAP', 'SA', 'YO' and 'AB' in the batch code and with the best before dates of April 11, May 11, June 11 and July 11 (both found on the back of pack). 
If you have one of these pouches, and you'd like to get in touch, then we'd love to hear from you by:

  • Ringing our customer care line on this number: 01491 629 120. We'll be here to answer calls Mon – Fri 9 –5pm. If you leave a message we'll get back to you on the next working day. IN the event of an emergency, please call us on 01491 629 123.

  • Or, you can pop the pouch in an envelope. All you need to write on the envelope is "Freepost Ella's Kitchen". Just make sure you include your name, address and telephone number so that we can get in-touch with you and refund your money.
We can assure you that no other Ella's pouches affected, having all been made in another factory to Ella's high standards.

We'd like to say a big thank you to those mums and dads who have taken the time to get in touch and let us know about this. We're really sorry to have let you down on this occasion. It's really important to us that we make sure you always enjoy our products in tip top condition. 
If you would like to chat to us about this or any of our products please do give us a ring on 01491 629 120 or email:"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this - I use some occasionally buy the fruit purees so really good to know. Poppedover from BMB to say hi.

Ella's Kitchen said...

We wanted to apologise for the inconvenience and worry this may have caused you. We take any concerns that mums and dads have very seriously. We have popped some useful information on our website today that we’d love you to read and hope you find it reassuring: