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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let the student life begin!

Hi everyone!
I am starting my level 2 university course in October. I am so excited I have already started reading the course books. I know; I sound like a geek! I will be the first to admit I have missed studying!
The time they give you off is a silly amount. I had nearly 4 months off and it wouldn't surprise me if I have gone brain dead (all their fault of course!)
So I guess your wondering what I am studying?! Well I am taking two courses with the OU (Open University) and working towards my degree in Computing and Design. The two courses I have chosen to study this year are M255 Object-oriented programming with Java and MT264 Designing applications with Visual Basic. Sounds technical I know. I kinda scared myself when I opened up the boxes when the study material arrived! All I can say it; I can't wait to learn and hopefully pass these courses!
Are you studying anything this year; please comment if you are. I would love to hear what course(s) you are studying. Also, comment if you are studying with the Open University too!
Louise x


Hanzor said...

I graduated uni in 2007 but did a degree I have no interest in taking further. I'm hoping to do an Open University course one day in something to do with Forensic Science, but what sort of costs are involved?
Good luck with your course - sounds complicated! Something my OH specialises in too :)

singlemummy said...

I don't know how much it costs; but each course is about £400. I am lucky enough to get financial support to cover my fees. It's worth looking into. On their website there is an online eligibility checker which can tell you if you can get some or all of your fees covered.

Hanzor said...

Thanks :) I think that because I have done a degree previously, then I wouldn't qualify for a grant :( I can always try and save :)