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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blow drying, sleep suits and potty training...

As I was sat at home today; I was thinking about a few things.
Should I be blow drying Jack's hair?
Should he still be wearing all in one sleep suits?
And, should I start potty training him any time soon?

Whenever I go to the hairdressers they always seem to pile products into my hair saying the heat from the hair dryer will damage it. Should I be piling the products into Jacks hair? It's to cold at night for him to be going to bed with wet hair! Towel drying doesn't seem to dry it; admittedly I do use the hair dryer on the coolest setting. I am unsure if using a hair dryer now will damage his hair in a few years to come. Any advice?

Now my child isn't one for staying under the duvet when he is in bed. I hate to think he would be getting cold feet (I hate having cold feet!!) I have tried socks but he pulls them off. They only way I can think to keep him warm is to wear the all in one sleep suits and a long sleeve vest. I was thinking maybe as he is nearly 2; I should start using pyjamas. Any advice?

A few of my friends have started potty training the children; personally I think Jack is too young to be understanding how to use a potty. He is starting to communicate with me when he has a dirty nappy; but I don't think he would understand me saying "if you need the toilet, go on the potty". Does anyone have any advise on potty training and when you should start it?

Thanks for reading!

My little monkey!


Hanzor said...

My daughter, who is 17mo, hasn't slept under her duvet once since she had it when she was 10 months old. I tuck her in, and next minute, she's out of it again. She sleeps in PJs most nights, sometimes sleepsuits, but either way, I think that if she did get cold, she'd get under the duvet again. I wouldn't worry about Jack - and there's nothing wrong with sleepsuits at 2. I'd have one now!!
As for potty training - I think personally that you should start potty training when you think your baby is ready i.e. when he knows what he's doing. I've seen people try to potty train their babies before they are ready, and they just end up constipated. Until he knows how to say what he's doing, I don't see the point in trying. That's just my opinion though :)
Hannah c

Tasha said...

Ours is still in a sleepsuit and grow bag at 22 months! When we put him down he wriggles around until his head is buried in the bottom left hand corner of his cot so I have no idea how a duvet would work with him. And I wish I could blow dry his hair but he's terrified of it... towel drying furiously is very annoying. As for potty training - have no idea. I ask him if he's done a poo and he says no and runs to the toilet, points at it and says "poo,poo." All in good time I reckon ;)