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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Have fun with your toddler in the kitchen!

Hi everyone!
I thought I would share with you a two actives you could do with your toddler. 
The obvious activity is letting your toddler help you. Maybe you could make some cakes together and let them mix the mixture or even let them scrub any dirty vegetables you may need for the evening meal. Toddlers love helping you out. Asking them to get something out of the fridge is rewarding for them as they have clearly identified what they have been asked to get. Teaching them kitchen safety, such as what's hot and what's cold, from an early age will help them feel more comfortable when in the kitchen. You could even leave plastic containers, inexpensive pans, plastic silverware and wooden spoons on a bottom shelf in your kitchen. Toddlers will learn the kitchen isn't totally off limits to them and while you are cooking they can join in the fun with their own dishes.

Next up is Marshmallow Magic! 
You will need some dark paper, white PVA glue, a saucer/plate and mini marshmallows!
After studying Art & Design I know that the contrast of black and white makes the use of space all the more obvious to the developing artist. Pour a small amount of glue into a saucer/plate and show your child how to dip a marshmallow in and stick it in patterns to the dark paper. You could try make little snowmen by gluing the marshmallows 3 high, take turns in gluing the marshmallows in a long line or even just go around the edges of the paper with the marshmallows. Your little one will enjoy sticking down the soft marshmallows and playing the game with you.
If you have any marshmallows left over you could put a few onto a cocktail stick and dip in melted chocolate then decorate with hundreds and thousands or sugar strands. 
Have you ever tried giving your teething toddler frozen vegetables?
Maybe you should give Vegetable Teethers a go!
All you will need is a pack of frozen mixed vegetables. You can serve your teething toddler frozen mixed vegetables straight from the freezer. Most children like them better uncooked and they can be a quick fix for those fussy times!

Frozen carrots, peas, green beans and sweetcorn!

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