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Monday, September 20, 2010

My Monday Heartache...

Hello everyone.
Today Jack went to nursery as usual. He has been going for over a year and still cry's when I leave him. I have quite a tough heart (you have too!) and I don't let it get to me (deep down I know he likes it!); but I can't understand why he cry's when I leave him. Surely the regularity of going every Monday should have kicked in by now? (he has been going to the same nursery for over a year) When I go to collect him; he is happy and full of smiles. Maybe he is just going through the separation anxiety phase; but how long does this last? Or, maybe it's because I am the only person he spends a lot of time with? I want him to enjoy his time away from me and I know he does, but why does he cry? He even knows the way to nursery and cry's before we even get there! I do reward him with something when I collect him.
Any advice would be welcomed.

Happy Jack!

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