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Monday, September 27, 2010

Dr Brown's Training Cup Review

Jack was sent some lovely Dr Brown Training cups to test out. I didn't even know Dr Brown's did training cups as I had only heard of their bottle range (which is fantastic if you have a baby who suffers from colic). We have had many cups in the past and Jack hasn't taken to them; weather they are just to heavy or the teat or spout isn't right for him; I don't know!

Dr Brown's Hard-Spout Cup
Jack had his milk in the 270ml Hard Spout cup this morning and seemed comfortable and happy with it. I have never given him milk in a cup as they always leak and you don't want milk leaking everywhere! This one didn't; it has a sip-activated valve which means liquid will only come out when Jack's mouth activates it. I was shocked that a cup which said it was spill-proof actually was! Many cups still drip when they are not in use; but I can honestly say this one doesn't. Even when it's upside down no liquid comes out; not even a trickle! The cup is suitable for the dishwasher (on the top shelf) and is ideal for a teething baby. (9+ months) The cup is BPA Free too. This cup comes in seven different colour combinations! 
The cup will grow with Jack; when he is ready I can remove the handles to make it a little more grown up. It comes with a protective lid which keeps the spout clean when not is use. I recommend this cup over all the others on the market if your looking for a non-spill cup that doesn't leak!

Enjoying milk from his new Dr Brown's cup!

Dr Brown's Soft-Spout Cup
This cup is a perfect if your thinking of introducing a cup to your child or moving your baby from a bottle to a cup. The spout feels just like a teat and is flexible. The Soft Spout Cup has all the same features as the Hard-Spout version but is suitable from 6+ months (due to the soft spout). This cup holds 170ml (6oz) and isn't to heavy for little arms and hands to hold. The handles allow enough room for you child to have their hands in a comfortable position and they are also removable allowing this cup to grow with your baby. Another super cup which doesn't leak!

Dr Brown's Soft-Spout Cup