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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Hipp Organic Product Review

The lovely people at Hipp Organic sent Jack a few products to review. Unfortunately he can't type words yet; so he asked me to document his thoughts on them!
When the postman delivered the box we opened it with excitement; Jack was a little overwhelmed at all the yummy food! We were given seven products to review. These were:
  1. Little Nibbles: Organic crispy biscottes (Stage 3 from 10 months)
  2. Little Nibbles: Organic crumbly rusks (Stage 1 from 6 months)
  3. Little Nibbles: Organic carrot & pumpkin rice cakes (Stage 2 from 7 months)
  4. Cheesy leek & chicken macaroni (Stage 3 from 10 months)
  5. Mediterranean ratatouille with gnocchi (Stage 3 from 10 months)
  6. Scrumptious lasagne (Stages 3 & 4; 1-3 years)
  7. Chunky vegetable pasticcio (Stages 3 & 4; 1-3 years)
Hipp Organic Products
As you can see the organic carrot & pumpkin rice cakes are not in the image above; Jack couldn't wait to open them! I was unsure how they might taste as I have never seen carrot and pumpkin used together. I tried one myself and it was yummy! Jack certainly enjoyed eating them. The rice cakes contain a blend of carrot and pumpkin juice concentrate and contain no added salt or sugar. Hipp Organic have a special snack range called "Little nibbles". All products in the Hipp Organic range are prepared using the finest quality organic ingredients. The organic crispy biscottes are fantastic! Jack enjoys his as a snack with fruit. They look like mini toasts; but are twice-baked wheat biscuits. Jack also enjoys munching on the organic crumbly rusks. I feel confident to give these to him as I know there is no added sugar; unlike the unhealthy biscuits you find in supermarkets.
Munching on Carrot & Pumpkin Rice Cakes
Because I am on a diet I worry what Jack is going to eat for his dinner as I am not cooking a meal just for him! I found that some baby meals don't look or smell very nice and Jack doesn't enjoy eating them. I was unsure if Jack would enjoy this lasagne. I put the heart shaped pot into the microwave for a minute. I couldn't believe it when I cooked the scrumptious lasagne; not only did it smell wonderful it actually tasted like lasagne should! This is because there are no artificial flavours or ingredients.

Hipp Organic; Scrumptious Lasagne
Tonight, I tried out chunky vegetable pasticcio. I had no idea what this was but from the picture I guessed it was a vegetable pasta dish. Again, I microwaved this meal for a minute and it smelt wonderful. I wish I could have eaten it! Jack enjoyed this meal more than I thought he would. There was no need for me to worry about Jack having a healthy meal as this meal was full of vegetables.
Enjoying chunky vegetable pasticcio

We used the smaller pots of cheesy leek & chicken macaroni and mediterranean ratatouille with gnocchi for lunch. They are the perfect size to pop in a handbag or changing bag. Each pot is gently steamed cooked for optimal goodness. Each pot contains organic rapeseed oil with omega 3; which is important for the development of your baby or toddler. This is something which not many baby products can offer. I will most defiantly be buying some more from this range.

Stage 3 Wholesome Pots
We would like to thank everyone at Hipp Organic for sending us these lovely products to review. I think Jack had the better end of the deal!! We will definitely be adding these to our trolley next time we go shopping! You can find many more of the Hipp Organic range on their website; and even order food (I didn't know this!)

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