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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Last night's shenanigans!

Hi everyone.
Last night was one of the most eventful nights I have had in a long time (which didn't involve alcohol!) I was doing my university coursework and I had a glass of water on the table with me. I reached to get a pen from behind the water and knocked the glass flying! I was soaking wet and so was my laptop!
I started to panic (and I was right too!) What would I do without my laptop?? How would I complete my computer programming course?? I left it to dry out upside down while I cleaned up the rest of the mess. I came back to continue with my typing and the keyboard wouldn't respond. Uh oh.....
It started to type random characters on it's on; and then eventually gave up all together. I was stressing out! I took a hair dryer to it as I thought this would dry it out quicker; but it just melted the keys!
The situation was getting worse!! I backed up everything onto the external hard drive and turned the laptop off. I was scared it might not turn back on! I left up upside down over night and turned it on this morning. I was in two minds if it would work or not...... but thankfully it did!

Desperately trying to dry it out!

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